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We provide technical sales engineers and sales managers to some of the biggest engineering companies in Britain today.

We understand that there is a widening skills shortage in the UK, and that good sales engineers are becoming harder to find. That’s why our emphasis on understanding our clients’ needs, and focusing on character and motivation as well as skill, is becoming vital.
In a candidate driven marketplace, recruiting from outside of your industry can mean more work initially in training them but it can often reinvigorate a team. And more importantly, investing into good people means they are more likely to stay with you long term.
The sales engineers and managers we place are responsible for selling specialist equipment used in a plethora of engineering industries. Our sales engineers manage sell products worth 1000’s to multi millions of pounds.
We specialise in sourcing and placing sales engineers to work with (but not limited to) beverage, plant and heavy plant, agricultural, packaging, food processing, generators and UPS systems, CHP, BMS, HVAC, recycling, conveyors, electronics, water treatment, industrial separators, forklift trucks, HGV’s, PLC and control systems, marine, oil and gas, cash and handling systems, wastewater pumps and complex medical equipment.
Our sales engineers can cover localised areas or offer UK wide coverage, as well as European and Worldwide destinations.
Although based in the South East, our specialist knowledge of the industry means that we have built up a huge database of sales engineers that are located throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Some clients we have worked with recently include

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