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Maintenance Engineers

We provide Maintenance Engineers

Maintenance Engineers (Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance, Multi Skilled)

We provide Maintenance Engineers to some of the leading manufacturers in the UK today. We supply to the Food industry and many other FMCG and manufacturing industries. We pride ourselves on sourcing engineers that will add real value to their employers, and stay long term


We understand that there is a widening skills shortage in the UK, and that good engineers are becoming harder to find. That’s why our emphasis on understanding our clients’ needs, and focusing on character and motivation as well as skill, is becoming vital.


In a candidate driven marketplace, recruiting from outside of your industry can mean more work initially in training them but it can often reinvigorate a team. And more importantly, investing into good people means they are more likely to stay with you long term.


The manufacturing sector makes significant contributions to the economy, accounting for over 10% of the UK’s gross value and employing around 2.5 million people. Our engineers are vital in keeping this important sector running smoothly and efficiently.


We also provide maintenance engineers for non-manufacturing clients in industries such as building services, logistics and distribution centres, and commercial vehicle fleets.


Our engineers maintain and fix crucial machinery and equipment encompassing all disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, controls and automation. They are also involved in process control and monitoring and occasionally in the manufacture of items that aid maintenance.


Maintenance engineering plays a vital role in the efficiency, development and progress of manufacturing and processing industries.

As well as hands on Maintenance Engineers, Future also specialise in other positions involved in manufacturing and process such as:

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