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Why Engineering Needs More Women

December 24, 2019 / 0 Comments

Even as engineering becomes more popular among young women, there is still a large gender gap in the field. As reported by Engineering UK, only 10.5 per cent of female students choose engineering compared to the 37 per cent who choose ICT subjects. This disparity fuels outdated views on gender stereotypes.


If you are a woman preparing for your A-levels, why not consider a career in engineering?


Although it is considered one of the harder professions, there is a wide range of engineering sub-disciplines to choose from. You have the opportunity to be a mechanical design engineer who improves existing innovations. You can even combine your passion for space and design by becoming an aerospace engineer. No matter which discipline you choose, taking up engineering puts you one step closer to closing the gender gap.


Importance of Diversity in Engineering


A consequence of a large gender gap in a specific field is the lack of diversity. Research has revealed that homogenous groups are less likely to think outside of the box. Diversity encourages people to remain objective. Homogenous groups are less likely to re-examine facts because of the absence of dissent. This causes them to fall back on preconceived notions that are detrimental to the development of new and better solutions. Studies also show that companies with a diverse group of employees have a higher chance of earning above their industry’s medians.


Engineering is a field that requires creativity and innovation. Diversification is essential for any modern organisation. As you prepare for your future, you have the opportunity to join in on the conversation. The experiences that are unique to you can shape the future of your chosen sub-discipline.


Breaking down Gender Barriers


Engineering is still a major driving force in economic growth and productivity. Additionally, as the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to unfold, there is a loud call for professionals. It is no longer feasible for this field to remain homogenous.


Part of breaking down gender barriers in engineering is choosing a career in it. Women typically leave the field after spending years studying it because of the gender disparity. But as organisations continue to improve retention programmes, there is a need to show strength in numbers.


Recent changes in socio-cultural norms are making it easier for women to enter and stay in the field of engineering. Organisations, such as Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd, are committed to finding talented engineers regardless of their gender. You don’t have to worry about being overlooked in favour of your male counterparts. Now, you can let your skills and insights speak for themselves.


Find a Partner in Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd


Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd is interested in honing talented individuals into successful professionals. We provide apprenticeships to students who have the drive and motivation to succeed in this field. When you join us, you create unique opportunities for your career development.


Break down gender barriers in engineering and make your voice heard. Discover the contributions you can make in this field. Let Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd help you achieve your career goals.


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