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What Companies Look for in Mechanical Engineering Candidates

July 27, 2020 / 0 Comments

A career in engineering is lucrative, rewarding and exciting, making it a popular choice for young adults entering university. Having contributed 21.4 per cent to the national economic growth in 2018, there is a demand for engineers in the country. But this doesn’t mean every fresh face is welcomed. As a high skilled occupation, hiring managers look to several factors to make sure a candidate is suitable for the company.


As mechanical engineers are supposed to specialise in the designing, building, and testing of new devices, there is a need for expertise. Otherwise, organisations are at risk of hiring someone that lacks the proper training and skills. Before you apply for a company, consider what they are looking for in the position. Prepare yourself accordingly to give yourself the best chance of getting hired.


The Soft Skills Hiring Managers Look for in Candidates


Technical skills and expertise in areas such as maths are necessary for mechanical design engineers. Additionally, hiring managers will likely ask about your familiarity with design programmes and software, such as AutoCAD. But these are inherent to an engineer, no matter how much experience you have in the field. As such, companies look to your soft skills to determine if you are suitable for the role.


Problem-Solving Skills


Mechanical design engineers are often tasked with improving an existing device. To do so, you will need to know how to identify existing and potential problems with it. Then, you have the information you will need to develop solutions. By honing your problem-solving skills, you improve how you approach and analyse challenges. Additionally, it gives you the ability to develop solutions that might have otherwise seemed unsolvable.




In addition to developing enhancements to existing devices, you will be tasked with designing and building innovations. This involves a great deal of creativity, especially when the company you applied to is a leader in the industry. Learn more about different design software and similar tools to discover what you can do on them. Work on mastering these to improve how you come up with new ideas.




Part of being a professional mechanical design engineer is explaining your complex device. Although it is simple to do so with other engineers, you will likely be explaining it to people who have little background in the profession. Whether it’s the business owner or a client, you will have to effectively communicate the finer points of the design in a manner that is understandable for all.


How to Find the Right Company for You


Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd has been helping novice and veteran engineers find the right company for them. For over a decade, our team of experienced professionals has matched hopefuls with the appropriate organisation. In addition to hard and technical skills, we look to a candidate’s soft skills to determine what they have to offer.


Our ultimate goal is to provide companies with an engineering staff that adds value to the organisation and the country. Work with us to start your career as a mechanical design engineer. Contact us for details.


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