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The Tricks to Finding Competitive Engineering Staff

August 31, 2018 / 0 Comments

The Tricks to Finding Competitive Engineering Staff

Hiring exceptional engineers may seem like a fairly simple task, but don’t treat it as such – your talent can make or break your next project. If you want continuous growth for your business, it’s essential to know what will give you the competitive edge in landing the best engineering candidates.
Here are four ways you can change your hiring process to ensure you build an excellent engineering team for your business:

Don’t put too much weight on schools and degrees.

Many companies scan resumes and automatically place red brick university graduates at the top of their list. However, some of the most successful engineering candidates in the industry today have degrees from less prestigious universities or no degree at all.
Hiring engineers based on their personality and skills will likely lead you to excellent employees. During the interview, ask the interviewees questions regarding their experience and problem-solving skills rather than their degree classification. Hone in on the traits that are extremely important to the company and its culture, to ensuring the candidate would be a good fit.

Use pair-programming exercises.

Chris Gervais, co-founder of Threat Stack, uses pair-programming exercises when interviewing engineering candidates. Pair-programming is a software development technique that requires two programmers to work together at one workstation. One is the observer while the other is the navigator, with the roles switching throughout the assessment.
Gervais says pair-programming gives him an idea of how well the applicant works with other engineers, regardless of skill level. You want team members who are excited about collaborating with their coworkers. This means they have to be open to criticism and varying opinions on how to approach a particular problem.

Go beyond the workplace.

Alex Kubicek, CEO of weather analytics startup Understory, likes to ask engineering talent about personal engineering projects they’ve accomplished outside of work. Kubicek has encountered highly successful candidates who work on their own projects in their spare time, showing great passion for the field.
SugarCRM chief officer Rich Green finds it helpful to also learn about a candidate’s deep passions for things that are artistic or creative. It’s hardly a requirement, he says, but he considers an applicant’s hobbies and interests during the evaluation process. Green believes a person’s dedication to extracurricular activities correlates well with their performance at work.

Work with a powerhouse recruitment partner.

Partnering with a recruitment business can save you and your business both time and money when hiring engineering staff. With an agency, you get help from experts who have special knowledge of up-to-date hiring practices and market trends, making sure they help you find your ideal candidate.
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