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Soft Skills: Abilities That Will Help You Land Your Dream Engineering Job

February 25, 2020 / 0 Comments

Engineering is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing industries today, offering new graduates like you job stability, considerable earning potential and personal satisfaction.


There are many jobs for engineers, each requiring a proper educational background and experience. Organisations will also have need of your specific skills that do not involve your knowledge and expertise in engineering.


These are called soft skills, which help you land the job you want and progress into whatever career path you want to take.


What Skills Do You Need as An Engineer?


Whether you’re applying for a job as a mechanical design engineer or a manager, here are the soft skills to develop to help you get ahead in any field of engineering.


Attention to Detail


Engineering projects are complex, and a small mistake at any point can result in failure. Failing to pay attention to the finer details of a project has a lot of consequences: your organisation could lose money, or someone’s life could be put at risk.




Engineering is a technical field that requires clear and constant communication between team members. It may also involve talking to a client or the public, some of whom may not have a technical background. Learn how to translate your specialised knowledge into terms people outside your work can understand.




Similar to creative fields like painting and writing, engineering involves finding ways to create and improve something. The industry constantly demands the means to make processes simpler, faster and stronger. As such, organisations are always looking for people who can provide answers to these demands.




Being an engineer requires you to work with fellow engineers and colleagues outside your department. You need to collaborate with people at different levels and communicate well to set goals and solve problems. It would help if you have the personality of someone who others can trust and rely on as you work together.


Determining and Developing Your Skills


Displaying your advanced, relevant skills in your CV will help employers determine if you are the right fit for the job. If you’re not sure what skills you have, take some time to answer these questions:


  • What tasks do you enjoy? The activities you enjoy doing usually translate into useful skills. For example, tutoring during your free time can translate to communication and problem-solving skills.
  • When was the last time you received praise over something? Consider the times when your manager or professor complimented you. Take note of the times when your classmates or colleagues asked for your help on something.
  • What are your previous accomplishments? Find out what skills helped you win an award or produced excellent results in a project.


If you feel like you lack certain skills, set specific goals on how you want to improve them. Find a mentor, like a superior at work or an expert at a recruitment firm. Seek feedback from your manager, colleagues, friends and family on how you can improve on specific skills.


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