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Recruiting Engineers Who Will Truly Benefit Your Organisation

May 20, 2020 / 0 Comments

When searching for new engineers, most companies focus on formal qualifications and previous experience. Whilst these are both undoubtedly very important factors, neither of them is a good indication of how well a new engineer will integrate into your team, how passionate about engineering he or she is and whether he or she possesses the ability to think outside of the box and come up with innovative solutions to common engineering problems. If you want to make sure the engineers you recruit will add real value to your business in the future, the recruitment suggestions outlined in this short guide will help you to achieve your aim.


Recruitment Techniques Designed to Identify Exceptional Engineering Candidates


The following techniques have all proved to be a great help in finding talented engineers who have the potential to become valued members of a productive team.


1. Ask candidates to provide examples of successful projects they have worked on as part of a team, including details of their role in the team and any specific actions they took that helped the team to complete the project. Candidates who have made a real contribution to teams they have been a part of will be able to speak confidently and fluently about their experiences.


2. Include a teamwork exercise as part of the interview process, either by evaluating candidates in pairs or by asking an existing member of your engineering team to participate.


3. Having shown candidates around your workplace, ask them what they would change about it. Candidates who are not afraid to share their views and who are able to make on-the-spot judgements and express their opinions clearly should be able to answer this type of question with ease.


In addition to the above questions, it is worth asking candidates to talk about any engineering projects they may have worked on in their spare time. Those who are passionate about engineering are likely to pursue it in their free time as well.


If you do not have time for such detailed interviews, let Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd lend you a hand. We provide recruitment services to many companies in the engineering sector. Contact us today to get started.

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