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Quality Agency, Quality Staff: Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency for Your Business

October 31, 2018 / 0 Comments

Steadily growing businesses must consistently replenish their talent pool to help them maintain and improve overall company performance. As companies flourish, their projects can exponentially increase in scale and complexity, requiring the help of professionals with specialisations or expansion of teams and departments.


Hiring Strategies—Why Consider Recruitment Agencies


Businesses rely on different strategies to help them with their recruitment; these include job fairs, referrals, direct contact and other similar methods. Each strategy offers its advantages and companies can benefit from choosing one that best matches their current needs.


If you are working in a company that is facing expansion, working with a reputable and reliable recruiting agency might be your best option. When looking at potential agencies for your hiring needs, here are some things you should accomplish:


Inquire about the Recruitment Strategy


Start by understanding the workflow of the recruitment agency. You can inquire about their primary platforms. For example, do they rely primarily on holding job fairs in universities, or do they manage all applications through an online platform? You can also ask regarding the areas they prioritise in their recruitment operations, whether it is the quality of the applicant, the total quantity of applications or some other standard.


Doing a thorough audit of how the agency gathers jobseekers and connects them with employers can help you determine if the agency is right for you. A small company, for example, might have difficulty if your business has hundreds of positions to fill in a short amount of time.


Consider Their Industry Specialisation


Working with a recruitment agency that specialises in your industry can help you find quality applicants more efficiently. Recruitment agencies that understand current industry needs and trends can help pinpoint the applications that are worth forwarding to your company. This awareness is especially relevant in fast-developing industries like IT and engineering, where developments in the field are ever-changing.


Understand Their Screening Methods and Processes


Apart from finding the specific qualities needed for your company’s needs, recruitment agencies also invest in devising strategies that help determine whether applicants can become positive additions to your company. They orient their assessment and interview strategies to find out about the applicant’s character and propensity for collaboration, and they also look for potential warning signs such as a tendency for absenteeism or other similar red flags.
Agencies with screening methods that are aligned with your company’s core values can help increase the chances of finding quality hires, especially in a time when industries value a positive culture in the workplace.


Recruitment Agencies for Engineering Jobseekers and Employers


At Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd, we offer engineering recruitment services in the UK that serve both potential employees and employers. Our database includes companies and employment opportunities in competitive fields, with diverse positions in engineering, managerial, technical and mechanical work. Future Engineering Recruitment believes in investing in the UK engineering industry, helping small and medium-sized businesses find quality professionals that can contribute to the fulfilment of their industry goals. With Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd, you can find employees who will become assets to your company.

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