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Interview Advice That You MUST Always Follow!

August 21, 2015 / 0 Comments

Before: Preparation Preparation Preparation!


Research the company and the role. The more you know about them, the more impressive you will come across. Use resources like the company website, Linkedin, and find out as much as you can before you interview.


Plan your journey to the interview and leave plenty of time for you to get there – nothing is worse than arriving late, whatever the circumstances.


Plan your wardrobe – dress to impress, make sure your clothes are clean, pressed and ready in advance of the day.


Practice your answers. Especially when it comes to reasons for leaving current / previous jobs, ensure your answers are prepared and well thought out and show you in the best light possible.


During: Confidence is key! Make sure you present yourself with a smile, good eye contact and a firm handshake.


Sell yourself! Give good examples of your skill set and your ability to do the job. Equally as important, sell why you want the job. Focus on what the job and company can offer you long term, in terms of training, career progression and job satisfaction.


Ask good questions! Centre these around the company, the role, the training and the career path on offer. AVOID questions about hours, lunch breaks, holidays and other trivial matters. CLOSE – ask the interviewer if he/she has any concerns about you. This will give you an opportunity to overcome anything mentioned.


Show interest. If it is a job you really want, make sure you tell the interviewer! Leave them in no doubt that you want the job before you leave.

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