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How You Can Maximise the Services of your Recruitment Agency

April 2, 2019 / 0 Comments

How You Can Maximise the Services of your Recruitment Agency


Great talent can be hard to find and with other companies looking for the same mix of skills, you might have trouble finding the right candidate through your internal recruitment team. This is especially true if you’re searching for candidates to fill highly technical positions, say information technology and engineering roles.Working with a recruitment company can help you with your staffing needs, sourcing and shortlisting candidates for your vacancies, while allowing you to focus on more important business issues. Recruitment firms have greater access to a wider network of talents, make use of unique sourcing methods, and are able to negotiate better rates because of their understanding of niche industries.If you have already found a recruitment firm to take care of your recruitment process, you’d still want to make sure that you’re getting the quality service that you pay for. Here are ways that you can maximise the services of your chosen recruitment agency:

Initial Meeting Must be Face-to-Face


Even with the availability of digital methods of communication, meeting your recruitment consultant face-to-face is important in establishing partnership and communication. During your initial meeting, you can lay down your expectations with your recruitment agency, from what positions you need to fill and deadlines you want them to meet. This will establish a foundation of trust between you and your consultant, which is imperative in achieving a smooth and successful recruitment process.


Develop Realistic Expectations


You and your recruitment agency are working together to achieve the same goal – to find the right talent within the fastest possible time. Keep in mind that a successful recruitment process is not about the quantity, but the quality of candidates you receive. While recruitment firms are expected to find good candidates faster than your in-house recruiters, it is important that you set reasonable deadlines especially when you’re hiring for a specialised or niche-role.


Provide them with a Clear and Concise Job Description


For your recruitment agency to find the best fit, it needs to understand what you’re exactly looking for in a candidate. While creating a generic job description based on online references may save you time, it may not completely reflect your requirements. Ideally, you should include the following information in the job specs:


  • Job title, department, and reporting relationships
  • Location
  • Employment type
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Essential skills, both hard and soft skills
  • Changes or developments in the role (promotion or progression)
  • Salary and benefits
  • Company profile


With the above information, it will be easier for your external recruiters to understand what you need so they can find the candidates that closely match your requirements.


Consider Exclusivity


It would seem that working with multiple agencies can bring in more candidates, however, you’d likely end up receiving duplicate applications. To avoid this, you can try working with one recruitment agency first by giving them a 2-4 week head start on finding the right candidate for you. If you’re happy with the results, then you can maintain an exclusive contract with them. Otherwise, you can open up the vacancy to other recruitment firms.


First-Class Engineering Recruitment Service


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