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How to Find the Right Engineering Firm to Join

August 27, 2020 / 0 Comments

Whether you are fresh out of university or looking for better opportunities, finding the right engineering firm can be challenging. Several factors come into play, from the salary and employee benefits to skills training and career advancement. When you fail to consider these, you risk joining a firm that can’t help you achieve the career goals you’ve set for yourself.

Questions to Ask When Deciding on an Engineering Firm

Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd is here to help you prevent this scenario. Using our industry expertise, we’ve narrowed down the factors you need to consider in making a decision. When looking for an engineering firm to join, ask yourself the questions presented below. Use the answers to narrow down your search.

What is the size of the firm?

Engineering firms range in size based on their speciality and the market they serve. Typically, their size is an indicator of their stability as a business, the training programmes they provide and the career advancement opportunities they offer. Decide on a size that will help you meet short and long-term goals.

  • Medium to large firms will likely have better employee benefits and more opportunities for employee growth and development. But they are also prone to bureaucratic processes and internal conflicts.
  • Smaller firms will likely have a specialised focus on certain fields which allows you to master your skillset. Additionally, these firms are often more flexible in their processes, allowing employees to introduce innovations. But small firms often cannot offer the same opportunities as larger organisations.


Who are the firm’s clients?

Working in an engineering firm allows you to meet and work with various clients. These can range from large multinational companies to small local businesses. Either way, you will be able to learn valuable insights through these projects. When looking at firms’ client lists, consider the people or organisations that you don’t want to work with. It will be difficult to maintain an unbiased work relationship with a client whose business ethics and practices are incompatible with yours.

What is the firm’s work culture?

Your ability to achieve work-life balance is dependent on the engineering firm’s culture. As an industry that thrives on collaboration, you will be working closely with several people. As a highly competitive industry, most firms also have set expectations for new hires. Look for an engineering company that provides ample support and shows employees its appreciation. Consider looking at online testimonials from past employees to get a better look at the work culture.

Find the Right Firm with Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd

For nearly two decades, we have helped engineers find the right firm for their career needs. We have a team of skilled professionals who are knowledgeable in matching candidates with organisations. Using your short and long-term goals, we identify firms that will help you achieve these in a reasonable time frame. Our ultimate goal is to help you find your professional match. Talk to our team for details.

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