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From Ideas to Inventions: What It Takes To Become A Mechanical Design Engineer

August 28, 2019 / 0 Comments


Engineering has always been regarded as one of the most challenging careers to take. Aside from the large number of people pursuing the same path, becoming a successful engineer means having an imaginative mind to develop ideas and adequate skill set to make these things happen.


In this modern world, we owe many of the developments and changes to engineers. Every new invention, be it a service or product, probably involved an engineer in its conception. Engineers have to be innovative, curious, and critical, and as the world continues to change, the importance of the role of engineers in society increases.


There’s a wide range of choices when it comes to deciding what kind of engineer you want to be. One of the most popular choices is a mechanical design engineer. According to Engineering UK’s State of Engineering Report 2017, there are currently 186,000 mechanical design engineers employed in the UK. Despite that already large number, mechanical design engineers are still very much in demand.


What is a mechanical design engineer?


Just like any other type of engineer, the job of mechanical design engineers extensively uses computers. However, it takes a lot more than just being computer savvy to start a successful career as a mechanical design engineer.


Mechanical design engineers are professionals responsible for developing, launching, and improving an organisation’s manufacturing process and product design. In order to fulfil these responsibilities, design engineers use computer-aided design (CAD) software. Mechanical design engineers need to be exceptional at analysing and solving problems and developing innovative ideas.


What do you need?


Starting a career as a mechanical design engineer doesn’t happen overnight. Typically, the first step to becoming a mechanical design engineer is a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. This degree focuses on the practical application of principles than theories and includes extensive courses in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Design.


However, the journey of becoming a mechanical design engineer doesn’t end in getting a diploma. That’s only the beginning. It takes years of education, practical work, and accreditation to become a full-fledged mechanical design engineer. Aside from that, you need the following in order to thrive in this career path.



A creative mind


Mechanical design engineers research, design, and build complex tools and machine.  A creative mind is vital to this kind of work since this job is all about innovation and inventions. As a mechanical design engineer, you need to develop ideas and turn them into reality.



A collaborative spirit



Building an innovative and complex piece of equipment takes a team of talented people. As a mechanical design engineer, you need to be able to work with people smoothly. Once you start a career in this field, you will work with architects and scientists to complete projects. You have to be comfortable with collaborating with other professionals and listening to different approaches.



A go-getter attitude



With so many aspiring mechanical design engineers, you have a lot of competition when it comes to landing the job or project you want. You have to be proactive, ambitious, and fearless in pursuing this career path. In order to stand out among thousands of aspiring engineers, you need to know what you want and ready to do what it takes to get it.


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