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Choosing A Career Path: Why Design Engineering Can Be A Great Career For You

July 29, 2019 / 0 Comments

Engineering is a challenging but highly rewarding career. Perhaps one of the most challenging engineering jobs one can take is design engineering. It not only requires you to be technically proficient, but it will also require your creativity. Design engineers are responsible for preparing blueprints (considered as the DNA of any tool, equipment or structure) to guide architects and construction workers in the manufacturing, implementation and building process.


Be challenged in a creative way


Design engineering will help you enhance your technical skills, including project management, production processes, advanced mathematics and building and reading blueprints. It will challenge you to create something which is as functional as it can be and will help you to master CAD software, something that you will be using a lot in this job.


Improve your soft skills


Because this job will require you to communicate with different professionals, including architects, construction workers and other engineers, it helps if your communication and interpersonal skills are high, but this should come the more you collaborate with colleagues. It will also help you improve other soft skills such as problem-solving, time management and research and writing.


Pursue further education and ensure a stable career path


Design engineering will give you the opportunity to pursue higher education. Design engineers can choose to pursue a master’s degree in engineering design or in product development. You can also pursue a doctoral degree for more specialized career opportunities.


The field also has a variety of options to further career advancement. People who work in this field can become project engineers, who oversee technical teams on engineering projects. They can take on supervisorial positions and ensure that these projects are completed on schedule and within budget and specification.


They can also take the track of being a senior mechanical design engineer, which is more focused on developing and creating mechanical equipment. This career path also requires managerial skills as at this point, it is likely that there will be a team of engineers to develop new products or upgrade existing ones.


Attractive Compensation


According to Payscale.com, design engineers receive an average wage of £29,096 a year in the United Kingdom. Depending on how big the company you are working for is and the specifics of your role, you can earn as much as £40,000 a year.


Design engineering jobs just for you


Design engineering is a rewarding career. It’s a field which is continuously innovative and a good design engineer will have to keep up to date with developments in the field. However, it’s a career that offers plenty of opportunity for further education and career advancement.


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