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6 Real-life Job Interview Questions for Engineers

March 30, 2020 / 0 Comments

Whether you’re a chemist or a mechanical design engineer, a job interview is your gateway to a potentially life-changing career.


The key to acing a job interview is preparation. For engineers, this means brushing up on technical concepts and industry advancements.  It also includes planning answers to potential questions beforehand. To help you get ready, here are six questions engineers commonly face during a job interview.


1. Describe an instance when you successfully applied your skills to solve an engineering problem.


This question aims to discover two things about you. First, how you discuss your accomplishments and second, how you use your problem-solving abilities to beat challenges.


Tip: Choose a specific, and if possible, recent instance that best displays your engineering skills and your capacity to think outside of the box.


2. Which new engineering skills have you developed during the past year?


In today’s increasingly digitised world, engineers should stay up to date with the latest industry trends. Your potential employer will not only want to measure your technical skills but also discover if you have the willingness to constantly expand your knowledge.


Tip: Highlight only the most crucial skills you developed in the last 6-12 months. Describe the process that led you to obtain these skills and end with a statement describing your passion for learning.


3. Why did you choose engineering as your career path?


This one seems like a pretty standard job interview question but it is actually a way for your potential employer to know what motivates you to excel in your career.


Tip: This is an ideal opportunity to talk about a work achievement you are especially proud of or how different areas of your specialty inspire you.


4. Tell us about your workload in your previous engineering projects.


They want to analyse how you would handle a heavy workload so they can properly set your expectations.


Tip: Describe how you manage and prioritise your tasks daily. Do not complain about your previous workload even if your points are completely valid. Dwelling on past conflicts shows disloyalty and disrespect.


5. How do you handle challenging clients?


Your potential employer is trying to weigh your emotional stability and your capacity to act under pressure. They may also be assessing how you interact with your clients.


Tip: Illustrate a specific experience with a difficult client. Explain how you stepped up by customising solutions that address the client’s specific concerns.


6. How do you discuss technical concepts to a non-technical audience during a client meeting or presentation?


This question is an evaluation of your creativity, confidence, and communication skills. As an engineer, you have to possess a solid understanding of your project that goes beyond jargon. Only then can you discuss complex topics to people of any skill level.


Tip: Make sure to share simple and practical analogies your audience would specifically relate to.


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