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2019 Sees Better Pay for UK Engineers

June 21, 2019 / 0 Comments

If you are pondering on whether you should pursue a career in engineering, the future looks bright for you this year — financially.


2019 still sees a bright future in terms of pay for UK engineers despite continuing political and economic uncertainty. A survey from The Engineer, a dedicated job site for engineering professionals, reported that engineers benefit from a moderate salary increase this year. The surveyors gathered responses from 1,568 engineers from different sectors across the UK.


While The Engineer’s 2018 survey revealed stagnation in engineering pay, their 2019 report painted a brighter picture with the average salary increasing annually by seven per cent to £51,253. With that kind of pay, it’s no wonder that more individuals approach engineering recruitment firms in London.


How Much Do Engineers Make Now?


All the engineering sectors covered by the survey have increased in average salaries, but the nuclear and renewable sectors saw the most significant uplift (£58,695). This is also the first time this sector topped the survey’s history, indicating the critical importance of these engineers to the UK economy. The previous survey topper, engineers in the oil and gas industry, fell to second place with an average salary of £57,167 — still a great pay compared to 2018’s £53,913.


At the other end of the spectrum, engineers in academia received the smallest pay, earning only £43,830, which is a reduction on their 2018 salary (£44,774). They are the only engineering sector that did not experience an overall pay increase this 2019.


What About Job Satisfaction?


The pay grade isn’t the only positive thing reported in the survey. The Engineer also pointed out the increased levels of job satisfaction on earlier years. There is an eight per cent increase in the number of respondents who are content in their roles, as well as a ten per cent increase in engineers who are satisfied with their pay.


Engineers in academia prove that money does not buy happiness. Despite not having a pay rise this year, engineers in this sector continue to top the poll of individuals who are happy with their job. From 56.5 per cent in 2018, 66.7 per cent of the respondents in 2019 affirmed their job satisfaction.


The people who are happiest with their jobs are, surprisingly, not the highest earners. 50.7 per cent of engineers in the materials industry is glad about their level of remuneration. The top earners (engineers in the nuclear and renewable industry) place second with 49.6 per cent confirming their contentment.


According to The Engineer, these findings are surprising due to the growing concerns about Brexit’s impact on the industry, as well as warnings from some of the UK’s biggest engineering firms. They do, however, prove that manufacturers are implementing bullish practices to adapt to current conditions.


Regardless of the economic and political situation, it’s safe to assume that 2019 will be a great year in terms of finances for any engineer. Now is the best time to take advantage of the pay raises, especially if you are in the field of nuclear and renewable engineering.


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